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Find The Talent That Will Fulfill Your Creative Needs

We offer traditional casting services, tailored to your individual needs, in both English and Spanish.

Full Talent Acquisition and Studio Hire

With many call sheets in our files, for a minimum fee, we will check the availability on crew and place them on hold.

Looking for casting opportunities as latent? Apply to our website and casting calls to be featured in our network.

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Find talent to elevate your next production

Casting Director

We offer real people and traditional casting services in both English and Spanish.

Casting Studio

Audition space is centrally located and perfect for call-backs.

Fresh Faces

Currently, we are seeking Latin Talent. Please apply through our network for site placement.

Apply to Our Talent Network

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Jaleesa Sargent

Kellee Bewnson

Molly Jakamsetti

Stacy Breen

Gail Cloud

Nancy Garcia

Angel Velasco

Austin Ferguson

Carlos Saenz

Chris Hatchett

Darrell Tuner

Eric Franco

John Scott

Joseph Herrera

Eb Cloud

Services Designed To Drive Success

Talent Aquisition

Our database of talent can help fulfill your needs. We offer traditional casting services in English and Spanish.

Online Registration

Talent looking to explore opportunities in the Dallas area can apply to our postings for website and project placement.

Film and Casting

Food Dance Films is not limited to talent acquisition - film, post, supervisor and catering vendors are also available.

Casting Director

California native, Jose-Luis, excels at collaborating with directors and agency creatives when seeking real people and traditional casting efforts, throughout the Southwest in English and Spanish.

Our Clients

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