Andy Post

Andy Post – Studio Rentals, Print & Food

For over 30 years Andy has been creating stellar images for some of the best agencies, award-winning art directors and respected manufacturers in the country. Clients from American Heart, Frito Lay, Giant Food Stores, Southland Corp., Taylor Farms, and Whataburger (to name a few), love his work for it's sensitive lighting which they describe as real and comforting.

His passion for finding and highlighting the key features of his client's product has led him on a lifetime's journey of product photography. There have been era's that included shooting the world's largest yellow diamond and those filled with contract furnishings. These days he specializes in food / beverage photography where he's found an unlimited source of texture and colors and a subject that is core to our existence.

For Andy, every food photograph invokes a memory of meals shared with family and friends. It is this story aspect of food that has led him into films as well, where that story can be revealed. Whether he is on location or in his natural light studio, sharing with friends is his work ethic. He will often tell clients who struggle with last minute changes that he will "eat bees" for them. We're assuming its figurative but don't know for sure.

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